Sweet Sundae Ice Cream
Product: Ice Cream

Sweet Sundae Ice Cream is a milk-processing company in which the milk is taken from local farmers in Kaliurang, near Yogyakarta, and its surrounds. The end product is ice cream that is unique since it can be customized and made into different flavours to suit customer’s taste. The advantage of the product is that all products contain no artificial sweeteners, chemical dyes, and preservatives, so the products are safe for consumption by kids and pregnant women. Sweet Sundae marketing process is using distributors who are mostly women who are based in the home and become distributors to earn their own incomes.


It was like having a new family with the course participants. We interacted every day for 2 weeks and we adjusted to different kinds of characters and individuals. The course material was an eye opener, showing me that things that I thought had been good and perfect in my business were indeed still lacking and there are lots of things to improve. The industry visits sparked some ideas for innovations for my business.

I also got answers to many questions related to challenges in my business from the industry visits and sharing session between the participants and instructors. This Short Course is very helpful that until now I still can’t move on. For all Australia Awards team, I express my endless gratitude. Thank you for the incredible facilities, and I hope Australia Awards continues to shine and be more succesful, Aameen.

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