PT Kemenangan Segar Aroma
Product: Minuman Sari Buah (Fruit juice beverage)

PT. Kemenangan Segar Aroma was established in 2010 in Tangerang, and is a distributor subsidiary of PT. Kemenangan Group, established since 2005. PT. Kemenangan Segar Aroma produces fruit juice drinks in a variety of packaging, with the trademark of Yohoo. Products include Yohoo Es Bantal with blackcurrant, strawberry, soursop, honey mango, sweet orange flavours; Yohoo Jus with orange grape, mango flavours; Yohoo Ice Cup with mango, grape, and mandarin orange flavour.


I am grateful I could join the Australia Awards Short Course because I learned about Australian culture and habits as well as about the management of food industries. I also learned a lot about packaging and still had some time to go exploring in Brisbane and Sydney during the 2 week-course. Moreover, I am proud to be a representative of people with disabilities in the short course.

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