UD Segar Harum / Kopi Sidikalang
Product: Coffeeย

UD SEGAR HARUM is a home industry established in 1945 in Binjai, a small town 20 km away from Medan, North Sumatra. UD SEGAR HARUM traditionally processes Sidikalang coffee – starting from the selection of coffee beans, roasting, to grinding. What makes this traditionally processed coffee different from industrially processed coffee lies in the human touch – the touch of the human hand and heart. Coffee from UD SEGAR HARUM is processed with heart, passion, and commitment to producing high-quality ground coffee.


For me, the Australia Awards short term course was an eye-opening program because I could get to know more about the habits and taste preferences in Australia, how to run a business in Australia, and hopefully it can be a initial step on my product being exported to Australia. This program was also more practical because I not only learned about theories but also practices. I also felt lucky that I could directly meet businesspeople in Australia

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