CV Ezka Giga PratamaΒ (Pisang Ijo justmine)
Product: Pisang Ijo Justmine

Just Mine Pisang Ijo is a traditional food business from Makassar which is gaining public recognition. Under the management of CV. Ezka Giga Pratama, Just Mine Pisang Ijo is managed with the spirit of integrity and endless innovation. Within 5 years of development, it has established 280 outlets. Lines of awards prove the success of this brand. Just Mine Pisang Ijo has a vision of expanding to become an international business, not only a local one.


It was very interesting and helpful to join the Australia Awards Short Course program. I learned a lot from this program, from branding, marketing strategy, food technology, distribution, legality, up to technical costing in business implementation. Networking sessions with some local businesspeople in Australia and Indonesian entrepreneurs opened my mind to more opportunities for my business in the future.

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