An Nuur Herbal Indonesia
Product: Herbal Medicines

An Nuur Herbal Indonesia has been established since 1999. Research results for the Dissertation (S3) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam revealed that Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) and curcumin derivative compounds synthesized have high anti-inflammatory activity. Research results show that white turmeric can be used as medication for cancer, inflammation, hepatotoxicity, haemorrhoids, allergies, asthma and inhibit the aging process. Currently, these products have reached 37 items in the form of powder, instant, and capsules. Consumers of An Nuur Herbal are not only from Indonesia but also Finland, USA, France and Netherlands.


The materials given during the workshop in Australia in theory and company visits were highly beneficial for the development of our company. The theories are Analysing the business and trade environment – drivers that enable and constrain business growth (Dr. Lanita Winata); Development of Business and Marketing Plans (Dr Ben Mullen, Dr Lanita Winata); Accessing finance and capital for international growth of your business (Dr Katherine Hunt); Branding and marketing strategy for the international market: packaging solutions for target export markets (Dr Lanita Winata); Cross-cultural management and its impact in international business (Dr Lanita Winata); Competitor and product analyses undertaken when developing new food products (Mr Cameron Turner & Dr Angela Hirst).

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