PT Hatten Bali
Product: Wine

Hatten Bali has produced Balinese wine for 22 years and developed by producing Australian wine in Bali. Achieving the big vision of making wine in Bali using local grapes requires determination as there are many challenges such viniculture, the complexity of the wine making process, Indonesian legislation for alcoholic beverages and competition with other imported wines. The demand for wine is high particularly from the tourism and hospitality businesses in Bali and Indonesia.


My favourite session was with Dr Katherine Hunt. The way she presented business and marketing plans was really enjoyable and made it look very easy to be applied. Noosa Chocolate Factory, Sirromet Winery was very interesting to visit. I saw how they developed the tour and customers’ experiences. Wandering Cooks was a really interesting project that we visited and gave me good ideas on how to work in the field. The whole team from Australian Awards were really attentive to ensure that all of us were in good condition and got the best out of all sessions, thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it.

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