Bakpiapia Djogdja (CV. Zoehada Pangan Kreatif)
Product: Bakpia

Bakpiapia is a home industry established in June 2004 in Yogyakarta. Our snack was introduced to the public through meetings, gatherings, and family events. Then, by word of mouth, it became known for a distinctive crunchy taste, more filling and crispy skin. The home industry has developed quite rapidly and now has 7 stores in Yogyakarta. Bakpiapia produces “more bakpia than the original”, with more than 10 variants. Bakpiapia presents in unique packaging and will continue to innovate to always be “More than the Original”.


The whole activity was really interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge, ideas and opportunities to implement business development plan in Indonesia, or in Australia, if I got some local partners there. I really want to participate in the next various programs of Australia Short Term Award, to keep elaborating various knowledge and relevant ideas between Indonesia and Australia, along with its real business execution.

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