Fia Bakery n Cake
Product: Ampyang, Bread and Cake


Fia Bakery and Cake was started in 1998 with only a traditional product called ampyang coklat, a traditional Javanese snack using peanuts and chocolate. As the company grew, more snacks were produces such as pia, ampyang jahe (ginger ampyang), bread and cakes. The founder of Fia Bakery and Cake have received several awards from local government and women entrepreneurs association (IWAPI) and then was selected as the Chairperson of the Women Entrepreneur Association (IWAPI) Yogyakarta branch.


β€œIt was an amazing time because I learned so much. It was important for me to improve my business. And I could share with my community the ideas on how to build women’s businesses. Understanding technology is important to improve food production.”

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