CV Giri Sari Food
Product: Ready-to-eat Traditional Indonesian cuisine under Pawon Selera brand

Pawon Selera, a culinary brand that brings customers a taste of Indonesia’s heritage, is proud to serve a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes using only the best of ingredients – natural, hand picked, and of the highest standard. The frozen products are a marriage between preserving tradition in every bite and practicality. Pawon Selera offers a wide range of different meals to choose from, allowing customers to have a tasty menu every day without hassle.


“I am glad that we had the opportunity to visit the factory of Creative Cuisine in Salisbury, Brisbane. Pawon Selera’s products bear a resemblance to that of Creative Cuisine. I received so much feedback to improve my production quality, in terms of both processing and packaging technology. During the visit, I could finally hold physically the packaging that I had been looking for but could not find in Indonesia. I also had the opportunity to discuss food processing and packaging technology with the experts, Mr Cameron Turner from the University of Queensland and Mr David Lewis from Innovation Optimisers. When we had a chance to visit ITPC Sydney, I managed to meet Sony Trading, one of the Indonesian product importers in Australia. He gave me some helpful feedback about how to adjust my product so that it is acceptable for Australian requirements and markets.”

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