PT. Bhumi Gastronomi (Brand Churros La Fonda) Product: Churros

PT. Bhumi Gastronomi is a company that manages the brand Churros La Fonda. The company was established in 2013 and now has 4 kiosks and cafes in Bali and Jakarta. The main product is churros, a deep fried Spanish doughnut served with sugar and dipping sauces.


ā€œIā€™m very much impressed by the creativity of the food industry in Australia. There were so many interesting moments and my favourite one was when we were walking to Wandering Cooks and stopped at a doughnut store. It was impressive how they created a doughnut brand, had a unique presentation of the doughnut, sold it for 6 AUD per piece and people were queuing for it! They could present something different to customers and they inspired me in some ways. After the short course, I have so many ideas popping up in my head to improve my business. The connection I have with other participants is very precious. Iā€™m planning to collaborate with Steffi to produce glutenfree churros, also with Yuki to supply me with her ice cream products and with Meika and Rizna to partner up opening churros kiosks at their establishments in Jogjakarta. This course was very beneficial for my self improvement and the growth of my company. Thank you Australia Awards and Griffith University

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