Denz’s Food Products

Product: Traditional Lolly Ice Cream

Denz’s Es Potong is premium Indonesian lolly ice cream, made from high quality ingredients such as pure coconut milk and fresh fruits, without any preservatives. There are 10 flavours: chocolate, strawberry, durian, avocado, red bean, green bean, coconut, jackfruit, fermented black gluttonous rice and sweet corn.


“The design of the short term course was excellent. In the morning sessions, the participants were taught about theories and best practices from professional lecturers and industry experts. In the afternoon, we visited various industry and government institutions. All of these opened up my mind and improved my understanding about how Australians do business and how the government greatly supports those businesses. Another valuable aspect of the short term awards is the networking experience that I got from meeting, sharing and collaborating with my fellow award recipients, lecturers and staff of Griffith University as well as with other institutional representatives. All the project leaders and the lecturers were very kind to share their knowledge, experiences and advice to all participants. Overall, the design and implementation of all the course was excellent and I give this short term award a five star rating”

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