Marguerite Nougat
Product: Nougat, Cookies

Marguerite Nougat was founded in 2011 by a couple of architects who love to eat healthy and delicious food. The products are made from premium ingredients, combined to make the tastiest of each kind and presented in a very delicate fashion. Some products use only organic palm sugar and no chemical ingredients are involved. The selection ranges from nougat, cookies, spreads, cakes and energy bars. There are a selection of 15 flavours for nougat available. Apart from nougat, there is also a selection of healthy spreads for toast or cakes. The healthy cakes use low flour and low sugar, some fruitcakes don’t even use sugar in the filling as the sweetness comes from the fruit itself. All products are registered with the health department of Indonesia and halal-certified by MUI.


This is really a wonderful, fruitful experience to me. I’ve been running my business for 5 years and from all workshops I have attended, this is the most packed and useful for entrepreneurs especially in Food and Beverage sector. I really liked the class presented by Dr. Katherine Hunt. Now I know how to access finance and capital, and to create a system in the company to make it work more effectively and efficiently. I learned more about financial assessment and how to present the business in front of the investors and I learned a lot about the food supply chain in Australia. I also liked the lessons by CEO Perkii. The online marketing campaign is very interesting and I will implement it in my company. The visit to Wandering Cooks helped us to see the possibility of collaboration in Australia, producing some of the products in Brisbane and selling the products there. The visit to Creative Cuisine was also very useful. I learned the implementation of HACCP in small scale industry. After finishing, I listed a lot of things to improve inside my small company. We would implement all the changes step by step and I believe the changes will help us grow bigger. Overall, it was an amazing program, short, intense and life-changing! I am so honoured to be in the program. Thank you so much!

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