Asri Meikawati Hazim (Meika)

Cokelat nDalem Product: Chocolate

The Coklat nDalem story began when Meika and her husband started their business in 2013 at their parents’ house. After working for 2 years in a very small kitchen, they decided to move to a new place in Yogyakarta and set up a new store with the passion to tell people more about Indonesian chocolate. They believe that Indonesia does have a lot of flavours, herbs, spices and local ingredients that can match deliciously with chocolate.


“It was an honour for me to have this opportunity to join “Women in Global Business – Food Production” held by Australia Awards. The program organised by Griffith University was very wonderful with the combination of class activities and business visits. It broadened my knowledge about how to do business, especially how to prepare if we want to expand our market in Australia. One of the interesting things in class was when we had a lecture about packaging from Evolve Brand Design Agency. The speaker explained how packaging had to be developed to create a good company image and professional perception in the customer’s mind. Then we can gain the trust from our customers. Business visits also gave me some insights on how to implement systems and standard operating procedures in the company. The implementation of the course will make the company more effective and efficient in running its operational activities. And of course the enjoyable moment was when we visited Noosa Chocolate Factory. It gave me some ideas on how to develop our Cokelat nDalem in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.”

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